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VILLAGEOUTREACHShow Mercy is constantly looking for opportunities to reach out in love to our neighbors in Uganda. We are partnering with the local villages to bring HOPE and help to those in need.  We are currently working with local schools, prisons, hospitals, churches, and much more! A few of our current outreaches are listed below.

Click each village outreach below to see how Show Mercy is making a impact in Uganda. These are only a few of the way’s SMI is reaching out to impact our community and the people of Uganda.


Medical Care

Imagine a place where men, women and children from local villages; their bodies stricken with disease and an oftentimes unrealized lack of vital medical attention; learn they are truly cared for and experience physical healing and rejuvenation; a place where remote villagers will learn they can bring their loved ones and know that someone with compassion will be waiting with open arms to offer medical attention and heartfelt comfort and healing prayer.

Statics reveal that distance and cost play a role in Uganda’s health crisis – 13% of people do not seek medical attention because they can’t afford it, or can’t reach clinics.  Trained healthcare workers are scare in rural areas such as Kaliti Village.  The Show Mercy International Medical Centre is now open and an oasis of hope for those with disease and physical ailments in Kaliti Village and the surrounding area. This has been an incredible way to reach out in love to the community, while impacting and saving lives!

We also go on outreaches every week to local hospitals and clinics to love on and pray for people seeking medical care. We have seen some incredible transformation through this outreach, and open doors with people throughout the community.

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Clean Water

Imagine a place where, at the very gates, clean running water will be available to local villagers and where weary souls must no longer travel each day up steep hillsides carrying heavy containers of contaminated water for their cooking, laundry and bathing needs.  Imagine their lives being transformed as the frequency of illness and death (most often in children) due to unsafe water is dramatically reduced. Show Mercy installed a clean-water well directly outside our base open to the public in 2013, and we continue to work with the village leaders to develop many more accessible clean water sources. The need is great!

Say NO to Hunger

Imagine a place whose heart reaches out to the poor and hungry village children each week with a hearty meal and hope-filled encouragement; where tears are replaced with the endearing sound of laughter and joyful sounds of children singing, dancing and playing together.  Where malnutrition was an underlying cause of 60% of deaths in children is a thing of the past. Every week we gather orphans and very needy children in an environment of safety, love and care. Each child eats a nutritious meal while our team teaches, trains and equips them with lessons on life and living on purpose.
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Leadership Training & Equipping

At our Field of Dreams base, we host many events throughout the year for local leaders to help equip them to empower the people of Uganda. Our heart is to see people discover their full potential and then to inspire others to begin living their lives with purpose! When gathering these pastors and local leaders, we help to educate them as well as give them tools to be more successful in their role’s.

Agriculture Projects

At our Field of Dreams base, we have an agriculture department. In this area, we are working to grow a variety of vegetables and fruits to use for various outreaches. We are also raising goats and rabbits, which are being used as an income-generating project. We also use what we grow in our agricultural department for our Saturday meals at our Say No to Hunger program, and to supplement meals for our Elderly HERO’s. This area is constantly expanding and growing!

Prison & Hospital Ministry

Show Mercy partners with the local medical clinics, hospitals and prisons encouraging and inspiring the patients, inmates and staff. We’ve seen many miracles and transformation in people’s hearts and lives. With your help, we can continue to bring the power of HOPE and LOVE into places where sickness, hopelessness and uncertainty once reigned.

Youth Ministry & Outreach

SMI is currently working with many local leaders and pastors to bring youth programming to their villages. We hold youth rally’s where we educate teens on basic life morals, values, skills, and more! It has been incredible to see all of the youth being raised up and empower to be productive adults. We are also working on income-generating projects for these kid’s to work on together, to teach them life skills and teamwork!


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