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Salley Family

Mike, Lori, Sarah and Katelin

Mike and Lori currently live in Mississippi with their two daughters Sarah and Katelin. After experiencing God’s heart of compassion for the suffering in Africa, they determined in their hearts they could, along with others, make a positive difference in the lives of many of these people. Mike and Lori have a passion to assist the poor and broken, specifically focusing on the orphaned and abandoned children living in developing countries such as Uganda.They have given their life to help raise-up a generation of world changers and inspire others to believe they too can live a life of passion and purpose. Their focus isn’t just developing nations though, they have a heart to inspire everyone to live a life of faith and believe all things are possible with God. Their personal testimony attests to this truth!

Mike and Lori share a message of hope that is based on discovering the incredible love of the Father for His children and proving that Love never fails. By rallying others to action, they have formed a bridge that is answering the cry of injustice.

The Salley family returned from a 15 month stay in Uganda in September of 2013. They continue to raise up leaders to help facilitate the vision God has given for the years to come. You can follow their personal journey by visiting www.mikeandlorisalley.com

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