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We all have someone in our life that we would consider our hero.  This person has lived a life of example, inspiring us to be better people and to do greater things for the world.  The elderly in the villages of Africa are our heroes.  They have inspired many, cared for more than we will know, and sacrificed for the good of their families and communities.

H.E.R.O. is a community based partnership program which brings emotional, spiritual and physical support to the elderly struggling to survive to bring relief and achieve a lasting improvement in the quality of their lives. This is aimed to those who have no income or a small income that is not comparable to their needs.

Since the establishment of this program, we have seen incredible transformation in the lives of the elderly involved. They have hope where there once was none. They know they are loved!


We have seen how these heroes are forgotten and neglected in their communities and made the decision to TAKE ACTION against this injustice!  By working with village leaders, we are able to find the elderly who are in the most desperate situations.  The establishment of the H.E.R.O. program enables us to provide these elders with the following care:

  • Weekly visits spent encouraging and conversing with the hero’s
  • Providing essential medical care from our SMI Medical Centre
  • Aiding in clean water and food provision
  • Focusing on complete holistic care
  • Providing blankets, mosquito nets, and home maintenance as needed
  • and so much more!


You can be a part of transforming a life today by making a lasting investment for one of the elderly in our H.E.R.O. program.  With a collective investment of only $35.00 per month, lives are being saved and transformed.  As a sponsor, there are opportunities for you to communicate with these elderly heroes through the exchange of letters throughout the year.  You are also welcome to be a part of a Show Mercy team traveling to Uganda and meet the elder you are sponsoring!  For more information or if you have any questions, please contact us.


A story of how cement can change a life!

Theresa lives in a mud-brick home not far from our Field of Dreams base in Uganda. Like most people in this area, Theresa’s floor in her home was dirt. Due to this, Theresa had many health issues from her dirt floor including jiggers, rat’s in her home, and many other issues. 

Show Mercy and a team of generous donors were able to help solve Theresa’s problem! SMI and a team of volunteer’s paved Theresa’s floor in her home. Since then, Theresa has not had any issues with jiggers or any other creatures in her home! Her standard of living has been improved and she is so incredibly thankful!


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