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Transformation of a nation begins with the mindsets and identities of its children.
Our mission here at SMI is to mobilize, inspire and empower others to live on purpose. Our next project, a primary school and leadership academy, will help us to do this with excellence. Back in April 2013, we purchased 14 acres of land with this school in mind. Many children in Uganda do not have access to education because of poverty, lack of Infrastructure and child labor. Our Show Mercy School will be a place where children are valued and shown constantly that they are loved and have a tremendous God given purpose in life. Top quality teachers will encourage them regularly to know with God all things truly are possible even for the orphaned or abandoned child.

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Primary School

THIS PRIMARY SCHOOL will not be normal! We plan to create an environment that will inspire these children to dream for the impossible.

  • ‘Normal’ education in Uganda implies memorizing facts & very little practical application and problem solving skills taught. We are aiming to inspire the children we will be working with to reach higher and discover their individual gifting. Our school will combine knowledge with implementation.
  • There will be hands on learning stations, music classes, critical thinking and problem solving activities and an opportunity for the children to truly discover their individuality.


The leadership academy will provide Ugandan leaders and upcoming leaders with an amazing opportunity to learn at a 1-3 month mini school.
  • They will learn basic but important life skills including servant leadership (leading by example), management of people and resources, money management and savings, how to start a small business, ethics and integrity and much more. Our academy will provide an on-site boarding hall.
  • There will also be practical, hands on training. We will bring in different speakers, both Ugandans and people from the west who will train the students on various subjects.
Primary School-3Girls and boys who learn to read, write and count will provide a better future for their families and countries. In a region of the world where more than 30 million children don’t have access to education, investment in all levels of education must be at the forefront. With improved education, so many other areas are positively affected. Education has the power to make the world a better place, and to help break the cycle of poverty that holds so many back from their purpose in life!


*All blueprints done by EMI UK*



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