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One of the core missions of Show Mercy is to provide life giving care, encouragement and love to children living in Uganda. Becoming a child’s sponsor is a great way to make an incredible impact on the life a child. Sponsorship empowers these children to receive a quality education, medical care, and so much more!

Because of our family of sponsors, the cry of injustice of many children in Uganda has now been heard! Together, we can continue to respond to the cries of many more. Sponsorship is one of the many ways to help.

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     SMI has three different areas of sponsorship in our Child Care and Development program. Our model is to cultivate a community based care program which works together with the children and guardians. This model helps to lift them out of their current situation by giving them hope and opportunity for a brighter future!

One of the core missions of Show Mercy is to provide life-giving care, encouragement and love to the children living in Uganda. Sponsorship benefits vary according to the individual needs of the sponsored members and their families, local resources, their community, and other considerations. Some benefits of the sponsorship program include:

sponsorship3You can be a part of transforming a life today by making a lasting investment for one of the children posted on our website. With a collective investment of only $39 per month, lives are being saved and transformed.

Once you sponsor a child, a packet with more detailed information on the child and our program will be mailed to you. It will include details on correspondence, the impact your investment is making and so much more!

We welcome you to plan a trip to come visit your sponsored child in Uganda. Please let our team know at least one month in advance if you are planning to visit! Of course, if you have any questions regarding sponsorship, please contact us!


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