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One of the core missions of Show Mercy is to provide life giving care, encouragement and love to children living in Uganda. Becoming a child’s sponsor is a great way to make an incredible impact on the life a child. Without sponsors, these children may never have a chance to live out their full life.

Because of our family of sponsors, the cry of injustice of many children in Uganda has now been heard! Together, we can continue to respond to the cries of many more. Sponsorship is one of the many ways to help.

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     SMI has three different areas of sponsorship in our Child Care and Development program. Our model is to cultivate a community based care program which works together with the children and guardians. This model helps to lift them out of their current situation by giving them hope and opportunity for a brighter future!

[Children living with a parent/guardian in the village]

SMI is partnering together with the guardians of total orphans and desperately needy children living in the villages surrounding our Field of Dreams property. This includes children living in Kaliti, Kitooke, Gganda, Bakka and Nkoowe Villages. SMI is working alongside the guardian/relative to help provide supplemental care in areas such as education, medical, food, counseling or other areas of support. If SMI discovers a child doesn’t have a guardian willing to care for them or they are abandoned, we work together with the local leaders to help in the process of finding a foster care family. SMI helps by walking alongside those foster families to help with the needs of the child.
Your sponsorship also enables the children in the program to attend a weekly gathering called Say No to Hunger. Every Saturday, the children meet together in their village for a hearty meal, a chance to build relationships and to hear a message of hope and love. This is a great opportunity for the SMI social workers and medical team to assess the children as well as our teams to train, equip and empower these amazing kids. Click here to join our family of sponsors today!

[Teenagers currently attending secondary (high) school] 

SMI is currently partnering together with guardians to help many young students attend secondary boarding (high) schools. Boarding schools are typical in Uganda, due to the distance of schools and poor transportation. Since the cost of secondary schools is substantially higher, our model is to gather a family of sponsors for these young adults to help cover the expenses and give the students an opportunity for a better education. This program is giving these teens a broader perspective through field trips, labs and computers, as well as, helping them discover their individuality and identity as adults.

[Young adults attending vocational school or university] 

Many of the teens in our sponsorship program are beginning to transition out of secondary school and into their next step of adulthood. For some, this will mean the possibility of attending University. For others, they may transition into vocational training to learn a trade/skill. SMI has had student’s graduate nursing school, cosmetology, and textile school. Some previous students have even started their own businesses!

Our model is to partner with a family of sponsors to help provide the resources needed to give these students an opportunity to step into their dreams.

One of the core missions of Show Mercy is to provide life-giving care, encouragement and love to the children living in Uganda. Sponsorship benefits vary according to the individual needs of the sponsored members and their families, local resources, their community, and other considerations. Some benefits of the sponsorship program include:

sponsorship3taraYou can be a part of transforming a life today by making a lasting investment for one of the children posted on our website. With a collective investment of only $35 per month, lives are being saved and transformed.

As a sponsor, there are opportunities for you to communicate with these children through the exchange of letters throughout the year. You are also welcome to be a part of a Show Mercy team traveling to Uganda and actually spend time with your sponsored child.

View Children Needing Sponsorship

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