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FAQWe know that you must have many questions about being a part of a Show Mercy team. Below are some of the most common questions asked. Your packet of information that you will receive after applying and being accepted will answer many other detailed questions.

How much does it cost for a mission trip with Show Mercy?

A typical trip of between 10-14 days is $1200 which includes all of your on the ground expenses including, housing, food, transportation, clean drinking water, a team t-shirt and admin fees. Internships are $3000 for up to 9 weeks. Contact us for other options or time frames.

Is it safe in Uganda?

While no trip to either a third world country or even in the USA is free from risk, we have never had any problems in the many years we have been traveling to Uganda. Simple preventative measures such as taking your malaria medication, staying in groups and following the leader’s directions will go a long ways to keeping you safe. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the individual to count the costs before traveling to any third world country including Uganda.

Is there an age limit for participation on a Show Mercy Trip?

Show Mercy trips are open to people of all ages. However, anyone under the age of 18 will need to have a signed parental permission and liability release signed by their parent or guardian. We will also want to speak to the parents or guardians of the minor before making any decisions regarding their application.

How many people are typically on a Show Mercy team in Uganda?

Team sizes vary from around 10 up to around 25 for some trips depending upon the time of the year. There are also usually interns or long term staff that participate with teams when they come. However, you are welcome to come alone or with a few others if you don’t have a full team.

What is included in the cost of a trip with Show Mercy?

Typically, all of your transportation while in Uganda (vehicle, driver, fuel), housing at our beautiful Field of Dreams base, most meals while in Uganda, clean drinking water, a SMI team t-shirt, basic outreaches and administrative fees. Each trip listed on our Current Opportunities page provides the specific information on what is included in the cost of each trip. There are often optional activities such as overnight trips to visit various Ugandan tourist destinations such as safaris that are extra unless stated otherwise.

What is typically not included in the cost of trip with Show Mercy?

Visa fees ($50 for a 90 day visa) that you can acquire at the airport in Uganda or through the Ugandan Embassy in Washington DC before arrving, airfare unless otherwise noted, money for souvenirs and an occasional meal when we are away from the Show Mercy Field of Dreams base.

Can I purchase my own airfare for a trip with Show Mercy?

For most trips, this is perfectly fine. However, we ask you to contact us before purchasing your airfare to ensure that transportation from the airport can be facilitated by our teams on the ground. We will also be glad to purchase airfare for you but only after full payment for the trip is received.

Where can I purchase the required travel insurance?

There are many options out there to choose from. You can do a simple google search and find many different companies that provide good coverage at an affordable cost.

What airline do you recommend?

We try to fly Delta/KLM but their prices have recently gone up substantially. We recommend contacting International Care at the following link: International Care Travel Booking.  You can also use other travel agents or online sites such as vayama.com, orbitz.com, travelocity.com, etc. You will always fly into Entebbe (EBB) so it is pretty easy to find flights. Other airlines that fly to Entebbe include Turkish Airlines, SN Brussels and Ethiopian Airlines. They are pretty much all partnered with airlines from the US.

What kinds of activities will be involved in on a trip?

While no trips are exactly alike, there are some common activities. We will spend time visiting children in our sponsorship program. We also participate in various weekly village outreaches to orphans and widows, visit and pray for the sick in local hospitals, spend time praying for the sick or working in our own Show Mercy Medical Center located on our Field of Dreams property (if you are qualified), share in schools and local churches, host VBS or similar outreaches among many other activities. There are sometimes opportunities for building crews but they are limited based upon the current needs. We also try to provide an atmosphere where team members are encouraged to experience more of the love of the Father in their own lives through corporate worship, devotionals and encouragement. Team trips are often organized around the desires and experience of those who are participating on the trip. Exp. if we have teams with medical experience, we will provide opportunities for those types of activities as well.

Do I have to go on a scheduled team trip with Show Mercy?

There are often opportunities to travel without a team when space is available. Team members are still required to fill out an application, submit all required liability forms, stay at our base and agree to follow our ministry guidelines. Please contact us if you would like to travel outside of a scheduled team trip. Costs might vary from team trips  because transportation will typically not be provided with the exception of pickups to and from the airport.

Can I organize my own trip to serve with Show Mercy?

Yes. If you would like to organize a trip and lead a team with your church, youth group, organization or with a certain group of people, we can accommodate those requests. Please contact us for more information on pricing, availability and activities that you would like to be involved in. As long as those activities fit into the mission of Show Mercy consideration will be made for those types of organized trips. If a team leader organizes and brings at least 10 people on an organized trip, the fee to Show Mercy will be waived for one team leader. If you take a team of at least 20 people, SMI will also contribute $1000 towards airfare along with the fee being waived. Due to limited space and increased demand, we ask for a deposit of $500 to reserve space for a group.

Do you help with preparing for a trip?

Yes. After you apply and are accepted, we will mail you a detailed packet of information that will answer many of the questions you might have about your trip to Uganda. It will also include a list of suggested items to pack. We have hosted many teams, however and you can rest assured that we will make sure your trip is fruitful and life changing.

What kind of accommodations do you provide?

Please visit our Team Accommodations page for photos of where you will be staying by clicking here. Show Mercy has built team housing on our 25 acres “Field of Dreams” compound. They are simple but quite nice by African standards. We have two homes for team members that each consist of 4 bedrooms that are self contained with showers with hot water, flush toilets and sinks. There are two bunk beds in each room with a dresser for clothing storage. There is electrical power available but it is sometimes inconsistent. More detailed information will be available in your preparation packet that will be sent to you once you have applied and are accepted on the team. It is a very nice, peaceful, safe and comfortable base where you can spend time with the team or get alone by yourself and spend time with God. Our goal is to have you feel refreshed so you can have energy to pour out to the people we will be ministering to.

What is considered an internship and is there a difference in costs?

Please go to our Internship page under the Missions tab for detailed information on this subject.

Can I stay longer than 9 weeks after my internship?

It is possible but dependent on many variables. The 9 week internship is a time for both you and Show Mercy to evaluate the relationship to confirm that we both feel confident that this is where God has called you to partner for longer term. We are looking for the right people for our long term team. You also want to make sure that you line up with the values of Show Mercy and our methods of operation. After a period of time, if we both agree that Show Mercy is the place for you we would begin the process of having you come on as part of the staff of Show Mercy. There are visa issues to consider as well. Uganda issues a 90 day visa when you come on a short visit. After that there is a process of either leaving the country and returning or if you would be wanting to work with SMI for a longer period of time, applying for a work permit. This is often a challenging process that involves a lot of paperwork and patience. It is possible but something that you only want to pursue if you feel confident that Show Mercy is the place for you long term (1 year or longer)

What vaccinations are required to go on a trip with Show Mercy?

All visitors to Uganda are required to get a vaccination for Yellow Fever per the Ugandan government. Team members that come on short term trips are also required by Show Mercy to take a malaria preventative while in Uganda. There are many other vaccinations that are available but not required. Please contact your health department for recommendations regarding vaccinations.

Can anyone go on a trip with Show Mercy?

Anyone can apply to be a part of a Show Mercy trip. Show Mercy will review the application and make a decision on whether the applicant will fit into the mission of Show Mercy and if the mission of Show Mercy will benefit the applicant. Very few people are denied acceptance on a trip. If you are coming to serve and submit to the Show Mercy leadership and policies, you should have no problem being accepted.

Can I raise financial support or fund raise for a trip with Show Mercy?

Yes. Even if you can afford the trip expenses on your own, it is good to allow others to receive the blessing that comes from sowing into a Show Mercy team member. It also spreads the word about the organization. Fundraising is not required, however as long as the payments are made on time and in full for a given trip.

How can I serve longer than a two or three week trip?

You would need to contact us to make arrangements for staying longer. It will depend upon their being space available among other variables. You can also apply for an internship (9 weeks). After serving in that capacity, there would be an opportunity to apply for a long term staff position with Show Mercy in Uganda.

Can donations be refunded?

For a donation to be tax deductible, it must be given to a nonprofit organization, not an individual. If for some reason you are unable to travel on the trip, donations that have been received will not be returned to the donors or given to the team member but will be used at the discretion of Show Mercy. Any donations received in excess of the cost of the trip will also not be returned to the donors or given to the team member. If you are unable to travel on this trip, the funds will be held for 12 months so that you can travel on another Show Mercy team less the $100 application fee and any expenses that Show Mercy has incurred due to your cancellation. If people give funds directly to you and don’t receive a tax credit from Show Mercy and you decide not to travel, you are responsible for deciding how to use those funds.

Is donating towards my trip tax deductible?

Yes. As long as the purpose of  your trip is to serve and volunteer with Show Mercy, the costs of the trip are tax deductible. Show Mercy is a registered 501(c)3 organization. Please see your tax adviser for professional advise concerning the tax deductions of your trip.

How can I donate towards a Show Mercy team member?

You can mail a check made out to Show Mercy International to: Show Mercy International, PO Box 1003, Port Gibson, MS 39150. Please include a note with the team member you are supporting. You can also donate online by visiting www.showmercy.org. Click on the Donate Tab > Missions > and then choose the appropriate person or category to donate to. You can also call our office at 601-535-2790 and speak to a representative who can take your credit card information over the phone for a donation to a team member’s trip. Please see the above question concerning team members that do not travel on a trip that you have supported them for.

Can I make a payment for my trip online?

Yes. CLICK HERE enter the amount of deposit that you would like to make, put a check next to “My Deposit” and complete the check out process. You can also call our office and give us your card number to process manually.


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