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In 2006 our founder was walking along the dirt trails of our recently purchased 25 acre property in Uganda. Suddenly, he was reminded of the famous line in the movie, Field of Dreams,   “If you build it, He will come.”  He began to have a clearer vision of God’s heart for this property and knew that amazing things would occur when we began to build! He could see lives being transformed by the power of Love; broken hearts of the orphaned and abandoned being mended; dreams and purpose of both young and old ignited when they served in Uganda. The project was then named “Field of Dreams” because of this inspiration.

Since that time we have seen this vision begin to come to pass.  The Field of Dreams is our central base of operations for all of our outreaches in Uganda. We have team and intern accommodations, a large multi-purpose facility called the Arc used for gatherings and fellowship as well as housing for the directors of Show Mercy International in Uganda. We have also provided a fully functioning Medical Clinic as well as fresh water well to both the compound and the people of the village of Nawanswa/Kaliti.

This is more than just a project. This is a strategy; a perfect time to make a mark in history. Join with us today as we build the Field of Dreams where we will train up and inspire a generation of leaders.

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