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Pastor George needs our help!

Pastor George is in need of our help…

Click to watch the video below.


For many months, Pastor George has been struggling with an unknown illness…

If you’ve met Pastor George and his family, you know how special they are. Show Mercy has partnered with George for many years. He is the pastor of a local church in Kaliti Village, where we do many outreaches. Him and his wife, Margaret, have 9 children of their own. They have also taken in four additional children who were in need of care. Their life is a beautiful picture of sacrifice and dedication to God.

George has been struggling with pain in his throat for many months, but it had increased beginning in November. Once we heard about his situation, Show Mercy stepped in to help. Because of your support, George was able to the specialist needed to assess his situation. A scan revealed has a large tumor in his esophagus. He will have a biopsy done in the coming weeks to determine if the tumor is benign or cancerous. This will determine the course of treatment going forward.

As Show Mercy, we are dedicated to helping George and his family through this difficult time. Last week, we were able to enroll six of their children into a local boarding school. This will help to ease the workload for Margaret at home.

We are asking for you to partner with us in finances and in prayer.
Will you step in to help this family?


 If funds surpass George’s expenses (after all treatments/surgeries),

they will go to support the SMI Medical Clinic.


We would like you to meet our miracle!

We would like you to meet Baby Miracle

Are you wondering how baby Miracle received his name?

We met Miracle back in November. A woman from the local village brought him into the Show Mercy Medical Clinic. He was about one week old, dehydrated, and underweight. The woman who brought him, Juliet, told us his story.

Miracle’s mother went into labor early. She was without access to proper medical care. She had complications while delivering Miracle and his twin sister. Unfortunately, Miracle’s mother and his twin sister both passed away during labor. Miracle’s father, overwhelmed by grief, refused to care for Miracle. A good friend of Miracle’s mother decided to step in and help care for Miracle. She brought him to her mother, who lives near Kaliti Village (close to our base). Her mother, Juliet, took Miracle in with open arms. Although she doesn’t have much, she took compassion on this sweet boy.
Because of your support, we have been able to help baby Miracle!
Juliet and Miracle the day they first came to the clinic.
Juliet does some small farming but isn’t able to cater for all of Miracle’s needs. We began to tell people his story and YOU answered our request for help. We are partnering with Juliet to help provide for some of Miracle’s needs.
We were able to quickly provide the formula Miracle was in desperate need of. He is now receiving the nutrition he needs to properly grow and develop. One of our social workers, Anna, delivered the items in the photo above. This is what she had to say after her visit:

“It was a great privilege to see a nice smile from Madam Juliet. She was so overwhelmed with what Show Mercy had done for Baby Miracle. She kept blessing us and thanking Show Mercy for the kind heart it had towards Baby Miracle. We later shared the word of God with her to encourage her and motivate her for the great work she is doing to raise Baby Miracle. We told her that her efforts will not be in vain. God is seeing all the great work she has done because she stood in to be the mother Baby Miracle needed to nurture him.” – Anna (SMI Social Worker)
Miracle at 3 months old.
Thank you for your support. We are so grateful for Miracle’s family of sponsors who have chose to make a difference in this young boy’s life.

Unfortunately, situations like Miracle’s happen all too often. We are currently raising funds to build a birthing center beside our medical clinic in Uganda. This center will help to save lives, like Miracle’s mother.

Will you partner with us to make this
dream a reality?


1 more day of 2016… going into 2017 with purpose!

1 day left…

100% of your gifts are TAX DEDUCTABLE!

I can never say it enough. Your investment is making a difference! I can say this with confidence because I have seen the impact first hand. My name is Bethany and I have worked with Show Mercy International (SMI) since 2013. I began my journey as an intern with SMI during the summer of 2013. That summer forever changed my life. Not only was I able to experience the incredible work SMI is doing here in Uganda, but I also discovered more of who God had created me to be.  I discovered a passion to help others discover their purpose as well.

Over the past three years I’ve had the opportunity to work with SMI in the states, and in Uganda. At SMI, we believe in seeing transformation. Honestly, that is exactly what I’ve experienced. I have experienced that transformation in my life, but I’ve also seen it countless times in the lives of others.

What does that transformation look like?
It looks like Hilda!

I’ve seen Hilda transform from a timid, emotionless 3-year-old girl to a 6-year-old who is full of life and joy! Her life has been transformed through our sponsorship program and through the power of love.  The first day I met her she wouldn’t let anyone touch her or hold her. She was abandoned by her parents and had undoubtedly not been shown much love and affection in her first years. Last week when I saw her, she came running into my arms and refused to leave my side for the rest of the day.  She has a smile that can light up a room. She is a different girl than the Hilda I met three years ago. This is what I call transformation.

I could go on for days with the stories of those who’s lives I’ve seen affected through the work SMI is doing in Uganda. I could tell you about the countless short and long-term mission team members who are forever changed after leaving this place. I could tell how I’ve watched our staff members grow and develop into emerging leaders. I could go on. However, what I really want to tell you is….

What you are doing is making a difference. I’ve been behind the scenes in all areas of work here at Show Mercy and I can see the impact that you are making. Your investment is bringing an incredible return. When you invest into SMI you are saying YES to transformation in the lives of thousands of men, women, and children in Uganda and across the globe. Your investment matters. You can help. You can make a difference.

Bethany Micek
Do A Little Bit of Everything Job Title
Bethany and her husband are living in Uganda, serving with SMI. They moved there in July 2016. They are looking forward to seeing the transformations that will take place in 2017.

Meet the next president of Uganda

4 days left…

100% of your gifts are TAX DEDUCTABLE!

Meet one of the next presidents of Uganda! (It’s possible you know.) His name is Simon. He’s had a rough go at life that is until YOU, our Show Mercy partners, made it possible for our team to step in and take action.

Simon is 7 years old. He’s NEVER had the opportunity to attend school. He’s been moved from house to house for 7 years. He DOESN’T KNOW what it’s like to have a committed adult in his life.  The word LOVE is an unknown concept for him.

Those statements are all true, but TOGETHER we are changing all of that!

Simon just joined us at our Holiday Home. Noticed, I said HOME. Why? Because it’s a safe haven for little ones like Simon to begin to HEAL in their hearts, experience LOVE and be a part of a FAMILY.

Simon had a blast celebrating Christmas with the rest of the Holiday Home family. He received this wipe off book (pictured above) and immediately went to work tracing letters. He is more than elated to be able to go to school for the FIRST TIME starting in February. I am confident he is going to excel and make up for lost time.

Bethany, who is living and working full time in Uganda with SMI sent me this note: “When I walked over to the holiday house today, he was on the back step working on his book! His buddy Juma was beside him working on his coloring/activity book that SMI got him as well. So sweet.”

Join us as we move forward into 2017 and continue to impact lives. Little children like Simon are exactly why your donations are so important. 

Thank you for being the POWER behind this work.

We Are Show Mercy,

Lori Salley
Co-Founder/Director of Operations

They began lining up two hours early and it’s because of you.

Father Christmas made an appearance at the party. The children were all SO excited!

Merry Christmas!

From everyone here at Show Mercy International, we want to say THANK YOU for making this such a great Christmas. We would like to share some special moments from our Holiday Parties.

(not pictured are the parties for prison outreach, SMI staff party, and our volunteer village medical team party)

If you were planning on investing in our special parties this year and didn’t get a chance, we could still use your help!


SMI Sponsorship Party

Our party for the children in the SMI Sponsorship Program began at 10 AM at our Field of Dreams base, however, the children were already lining up at 8 AM! They were so excited.
Many of the children put together a special performance including dancing and a short play. The other children loved watching it!
Together, we had a Christmas feast! The women who volunteer at our Say No to Hunger programs put together a wonderful meal for the day. They helped to feed well over 300 children and adults!
Together, we talked about the true meaning of Christmas. There were also games (including an awesome bouncy castle), cake, and small gifts for each and every child. In this photo, Edward had fun sticking confetti all over his face!

H.E.R.O. Elderly Party

We celebrated Christmas with all of the eldery Men and Women in our H.E.R.O. Program (Helping Elderly, Relieving Oppression). Many of the women couldn’t help but get up and dance with our staff! It was too much fun.
Together, we talked about how thankful we are for each and every H.E.R.O. They each brought a family member to join in the celebration as well.
After all of the dancing and chatting, our H.E.R.O.’s sat down for a Christmas feast!
….and the parties aren’t over yet!
(more updates to come)

This Christmas season has been so wonderful and it was all made possible by you! Thank you for investing into Show Mercy and our programs.

You are truly changing lives.

If you haven’t had a chance to invest in the Christmas celebrations in Uganda, we could still use your help
(all gifts are tax deductible).
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