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What are your plans this Summer?

What are your plans this Summer?

WE would love for you to join us in Uganda Africa on a Short-Term Mission Trip!

Why do we call it Awaken to Love? On this trip, you can expect to be reaching out and making an impact in the lives of those in our programs and around our base. However, what you may not expect, is the impact it will have on your life. By reaching out, your heart will be awakened! Passions will come alive in you, and you will find new inspirations for life!

This trip will be life-changing.

Here are just some of the things you will be involved in:

  • Village Outreach: Say No To Hunger, Prison Ministry, Visiting the elderly as a part of our H.E.R.O. Program (Helping Elderly, Relieving Oppression) and more!
  • Encouraging and praying for the sick in local hospital and prison
  • Visiting and sharing in village primary and secondary schools
  • Working with orphans and vulnerable children in the villages
  • Work with our agriculture team; farming and livestock projects
  • Training and equipping local churches and leadership groups
  • And so much more!


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Questions? Email us or give us a call.
We would love to hear from you.

?Know of a friend who may be interested? 
Go ahead and forward this e-mail to them.


Help us share the Good News of Easter!

Spreading the Love of Jesus
this Easter Holiday

We are so excited for another year celebrating Easter in Uganda! This year we are working to spread the love of Jesus through reaching out to both the children in our program AND to the friends of those children.
Our team will be visiting each of our four Say No To Hunger sites to host a party for the children in our program. However, our outreach doesn’t end there!

The children in our program will also be
inviting their friends from their village to join
them for this special Say No To Hunger outreach

Many of these children who are not in our program have never been taught the true meaning of Easter. They will all share a meal together and hear about the power of the resurrection of Jesus and what that significant event means to them personally. For some of the visiting children, it will be their only nutritious meal of the week as their families struggle to make ends meet.

This special day will allow both the sponsored children and their friends to hear a life-changing message. They’ll learn about the incredible love that God has for them. They’ll learn how precious they are to God, because he sent His son to this earth.  The children will leave this day with full bellies and full hearts as they learn about the incredible sacrifice Jesus made for them. Because of this, they can now have a personal relationship with God. They’ll discover the goodness of their Father in heaven.

We believe many of these visiting children
will give their lives to Jesus!

Would you like to invest in this special day? Help us reach our goal of raising $1000! Together, we can spread the true message of Easter to our sponsored children, the visiting children and the surrounding villages.

Click Here to Donate for the Easter Party

PS – We will also be delivering gift baskets full of food and goodies to our elderly friends in our sponsorship program as well as to the older children who do not live near Field of Dreams. Your donation will help to provide these baskets as well!


Charcoal = A spark of HOPE


Most of us are familiar with this sign, right?
What if you were lame and struggled to walk?

What if you could not utilize restroom facilities because of the lack of walking ramps and hand rails? In the United States, these are requirements for public restrooms or businesses. This is not the case in Uganda.

The new school year in Uganda has just started and our boarding school students have just returned to their school. That is, everyone but Edward.

So our team began to investigate.
Edward has been a part of the SMI sponsorship program since 2005.
We discovered that Edward’s mother is lame. Although a local church had helped provide a place for them to live, the bathroom facilities in the home were not suited for someone who struggles to walk. There weren’t  walking ramps or handrails to assist her. Edward had been aiding his mother during the past holiday break. She didn’t feel that she could survive if Edward were to return to school. She couldn’t see a solution if he left. As our team pondered our options, we came up with a plan!


Our goal in sponsorship is PARTNERSHIP. We believe everyone is created with a purpose. Sometimes, children and their guardians just need a jump start to be able to step into living their life on purpose. Because of the support of Show Mercy Sponsors, we were able do just that with Edward’s mom, Annette.

Edward’s mom, Annette
Our team knew we needed to help find a different place for Edward and Annette to live, but we weren’t sure how they would afford it. That’s when we decided to invest in a business. SMI is walking alongside Edward’s mom to help her start a charcoal business. We purchased her first bags of charcoal and built a shed for her to keep the charcoal safe and dry. We also paid for a better-suited place for her to live. This new home has an easily accessible bathroom.

Because she is now in a new home and is able to comfortably get around, Edward was able to return to school!

CHARCOAL! It’s the spark of hope Edward’s mom
needed to step towards self sustainability.

Sponsorship and Partnership! 

Typical Bag of Charcoal in Uganda
Typical Charcoal Cooking Stove in Uganda

We believe Annette will be able to sell her charcoal, reinvest in her business, and pay for her rent and necessities. We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with families like Edward’s to build not only stronger individuals, but also stronger communities.

These are the ripple effects of child sponsorship.

This is reaching out in love.

If you aren’t already a part of our Family of Sponsors, we invite you to sponsor a child today. Your monthly gift of $35 a month will help not only with the expenses of education, medical care, weekly gatherings called Say No to Hunger (a hearty nutritious meal is served and training/relationship happens), but you will also be investing in the families who care for the children in our program.

Our passion is to see a village transformed
by love, partnership and perseverance.

A BIG THANK YOU to those who are already investing
in Show Mercy and the lives of so many people. 

Click the child’s photo to learn more of their story!


Keys to a bright future!

Jeremiah has the keys to a bright future!

(please take a moment to watch the video above)
He has always dreamed of playing piano, and you’ve helped to make that possible.

Sponsorship with Show Mercy is more than just helping children with basic necessities and education. Our passion at SMI is to inspire these children to live on purpose.

Did you watch the video? That’s Jeremiah (now he calls himself Joel). He’s been in our sponsorship program since he was 7. He is now 18 years old, and he is in S4 (equivalent to a sophomore in high school). As we’ve watched Jeremiah grow up, we’ve discovered his passion for music. We would notice Jeremiah taking every opportunity he could to play the church keyboard. One day as we listened to Jeremiah play, we were in awe of the music only to find out it was his original masterpiece!

Jeremiah has a dream to play music that will inspire others! Because of sponsorship, he has an opportunity to pursue this dream.

He has been attending lessons 3 times a week since December, and as you can see (in the above video), he is incredibly gifted!

We want to say THANK YOU to Jeremiah’s sponsors who have
helped to make this dream possible.

Sponsorship with Show Mercy truly impacts the life
of every child in our program.
Interested in sponsoring a child?




Update on Pastor George

Pastor George’s family along with some SMI sponsored children.

Pastor George is in need of our help…

Click to watch the video below.



[ If you missed our first update on Pastor George, please READ HERE. ]

Pastor George has been suffering from pain in his throat, which has intensified over the past few months. A recent biopsy determined that the tumor in his throat is cancerous. However, the doctor is saying that it has not spread to any other area of his body. This week, George underwent surgery to insert a feeding tube into his stomach as he is unable to swallow adequately at this point.

Once he is able to build some strength, then they will be referred to the Cancer Institute for future treatment of the tumor. At this point, it is too dangerous to remove the tumor surgically, so they will look for alternative treatment.

As Show Mercy, we are dedicated to helping George and his family through this difficult time.

Thank you to all who have donated toward Pastor George’s care. We are so thankful.

We are still working on raising support to help Pastor George and his family during this difficult time. The journey toward treatment is just beginning. Please consider investing into George’s medical fund.

We ask that you keep Pastor George and his
family in your prayers.


 If funds surpass George’s expenses (after all treatments/surgeries),

they will go to support the SMI Medical Clinic.


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