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Father’s Day Giving Ideas

 Giving a Gift with Purpose!
If you’re drawing a blank on what to buy your father this Father’s Day, we’ve got some ideas to help inspire you.

What are you planning to give your dad this Father’s Day? Maybe you are considering giving a tie, a techy gadget, golf accessories, or maybe a new coffee cup. All of those items are fun gifts to give (well, maybe you wouldn’t say a tie was a “fun” gift). What if you could give your dad a gift that will show him just how inspiring and amazing he is…a gift with lasting significance.

You’ve heard about George, the pastor in Uganda who is battling for his life. (You can read about his battle here on our website). He is a father to 8 biological children and a spiritual dad to many other children in poverty. He is battling throat cancer. What if you gave a donation to help George fight his fight for life in honor of your dad? Not only would you be reminding George this Father’s Day that he is loved and not alone in his battle for life, but your dad will be inspired and his heart will be touched by your thoughtfulness.

The fathers in our lives deserve to be honored and appreciated for all they do. In Uganda, Show Mercy works alongside some amazing fathers. Many of the fathers who work in the impoverished area we serve in Uganda, struggle to meet the needs of their family. What father wouldn’t love to know he helped another family have access to medical care, food, clean water and an education. Sponsor a child in honor of your dad, and help to alleviate pressures some of these fathers feel as they try to provide for their families. You and your dad could send cards of encouragement and build a relationship with this family. Now that’s a gift that will truly make a lasting impact.

Of course you could also donate towards clean water, buy a chicken for a family, provide life saving medicine or give a food basket for struggling families. These gifts will show you’ve learned valuable life lessons from a caring dad, and they’ll make a difference in the life of a family in need.
By honoring your dad this way, you will remind him what an amazing job he did in raising a compassionate selfless daughter or son. Gifts likes these make people feel loved, valued and cared for. Spread some hope to others as you love your dad this Father’s Day.
Father’s Day Gift Ideas


Update on Pastor George – prayers needed!


Pastor George’s family along with some SMI sponsored children.
URGENT UPDATE [May 23, 2017]:
Pastor George will be undergoing surgery tomorrow. This was recommended urgently by his doctors during his checkup this past Monday the 22nd. These are the steps that the doctors will be taking:
  • First: Placing a feeding tube through the esophagus to help provide the vital nutrition Pastor George is lacking.
  • Second: Within 3-5 days after that procedure, they will then remove the abdominal feeding tube that has been in place since the beginning of March.
  • Third: They are hoping to see George gain enough strength to begin chemotherapy within the next few weeks.

    Why the urgency? The feeding tube in his abdomen has not been giving him the adequate nutrition he is needing. Also, the tissue around the tube was beginning to get infected, which can cause many other complications.

We are looking for people who will partner with SMI & Pastor George’s family to help provide support in both prayer and finances.


To read the first update on Pastor George, please READ HERE.

Brief History: Pastor George has been suffering from pain in his throat, which had intensified during the last part of 2016. At this point, SMI stepped in to help get proper medical assessments done.

A recent biopsy determined that the tumor in his throat is cancerous. However, the doctor is saying that it has not spread to any other area of his body. At the beginning of March, George had surgery to install a feeding tube into his abdomen. The purpose was to help him gain enough strength to endure the cancer treatments.

As Show Mercy, we will continue to walk alongside George and Margaret through this time. Our medical team continues to evaluate and monitor his condition along with the consultations from his primary doctor.

Please consider investing into George’s medical fund to cover medical costs and provide supplemental support to his family.

We ask that you keep Pastor George and his
family in your prayers.

Thank you to all who have donated toward Pastor George’s care thus far. We are so thankful.



Medical Missions Opportunity

Are you in the medical field?

Interested in medical missions?


Join Show Mercy International as we host a medical missions trip in Uganda, Africa. Serve alongside the SMI medical team in remote villages surrounding the SMI Field of Dream’s base. We have opportunities for people with any medical training. Are you a dentist/hygienist or a physical/occupational therapist? There is a place for you too! YOU ARE NEEDED IN UGANDA!
Are you passionate about medical care but don’t have the education or experience? THAT’S OKAY! We need a TEAM of people to make these outreaches happen. We need teachers to share health education, administrators, and people who are passionate about serving!

This trip is September 14th-24th, 2017.
If you are interested, or know someone who might be – please contact us and we can provide additional information.

Please FORWARD THIS E-MAIL to your friends in the medical field.

Please contact us at info@showmercy.org or (601) 535-2790.

Last year, over 560 people received medical care in the course of three days!

See some photos from last years outreach below.
Our team worked to remove jiggers from this young girl.
The laboratory was set up to do numerous tests.
The team worked together to distribute medications from the pharmacy.
Click here to view other upcoming trips!


Patricia heard the story of Easter!

Patricia heard the story of Easter!

We wish you could have been there to see her smile.
(we are hoping the photo below will do).
Patricia (one of our guests) was so excited for the day ahead!

Wow. We are so thankful for the Easter party that YOU made happen!

Altogether, we hosted around 300 children at our Field of Dreams base. Around 40 of those children were invited from the surrounding communities as our special guests for the day! Patricia (pictured above) was one of those guests.

“I was standing outside of the gate when she walked right up to me and said (in perfect English), “Hi, my name is Patricia. I am so happy to meet you. Today, I am going to dance for all of you!” She then offered me her soda that she brought along with her. I respectfully declined and told her to keep it for the meal later. She was quite alright with that idea. Her confidence and sweetness was evident to everyone she encountered. We loved having her as our guest for the day!” – Bethany (SMI staff)
Patricia, along with the other children, were able to watch a movie about Jesus’ story. They were enthralled by the movie and were so excited that Jesus rose again! It was the perfect display of childlike faith. TWENTY (20) children raised their hands to accept Jesus. WOW!!! Your giving helped to share the Good News with these precious little ones!
Sharon and her friends waiting outside our front gate.
The children viewing the Easter movie together in Field of Dreams building – “the Ark”.
Solomon and Ashley throwing a dance party with the children!
After the movie the children split up into 5 groups and rotated to different stations. At those stations were dance parties (above), bubbles, three-legged races and many more fun activities!
Parker, Jen (his mother) and other members of the YWAM team
help serve food to the children.
Marilyn (SMI staff) and Denis share a hug together.
The delicious cakes that were made for the children! (Nkoowe and Kitooke are two villages where we host our weekly Say No to Hunger outreaches)
The day ended with CAKE! The children’s tummies were full, and they were content after a day filled with fun and laughter. They all went home knowing that they are LOVED by the one who created it all, Jesus!
THANK YOU to our special donors who made this day possible! You may never know the impact of these special celebrations in the lives of these children, but we can tell you that it goes far beyond what we can see.

What are your plans this Summer?

What are your plans this Summer?

WE would love for you to join us in Uganda Africa on a Short-Term Mission Trip!

Why do we call it Awaken to Love? On this trip, you can expect to be reaching out and making an impact in the lives of those in our programs and around our base. However, what you may not expect, is the impact it will have on your life. By reaching out, your heart will be awakened! Passions will come alive in you, and you will find new inspirations for life!

This trip will be life-changing.

Here are just some of the things you will be involved in:

  • Village Outreach: Say No To Hunger, Prison Ministry, Visiting the elderly as a part of our H.E.R.O. Program (Helping Elderly, Relieving Oppression) and more!
  • Encouraging and praying for the sick in local hospital and prison
  • Visiting and sharing in village primary and secondary schools
  • Working with orphans and vulnerable children in the villages
  • Work with our agriculture team; farming and livestock projects
  • Training and equipping local churches and leadership groups
  • And so much more!


Click to View Video
Questions? Email us or give us a call.
We would love to hear from you.

?Know of a friend who may be interested? 
Go ahead and forward this e-mail to them.


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