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There are many opportunities to BE A VOICE for Show Mercy!

BELIEVE for the ONE – [Child Ambassadors]: 
You could join our team of child ambassadors who advocate for the children in need of sponsorship through SMI.  By joining this team, you can help to change lives from right where you are sitting.  Help be the voice for these orphaned children who have felt silenced for so long!

We have many opportunities to volunteer with Show Mercy!  You could volunteer at our U.S. office in Port Gibson, MS or get involved from right where you live!  Advocate for Show Mercy through your school, your workplace, or your organization!  We have plenty of idea’s how you can get involved.

Spread the word!:
In an age where communication is as easy as a click of a button, we want to encourage you to spread the word through your networks!  Connect with Show Mercy on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and through our website.  Let the people in your area of influence know why you are passionate about the mission and visions of Show Mercy!  Contact us and we can give you material to present to your group of friends, your co-workers, or at your favorite group or club.  Have other idea’s, let us know!

Join our family of investors:
By investing in Show Mercy, you are contributing to an organization that is continually growing and functioning from a place of excellence.  You could invest into one of our many programs, or you could choose to invest your time and resources by volunteering or coming on a trip to Uganda!  We can assure you that your investment is changing lives and inspiring so many to live on purpose!

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Show Mercy International
P.O. Box 1003
Port Gibson, MS 39150

Phone: (601) 535-2790
Email: info@showmercy.org