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If you could multiply food, would you? 

Hopefully you said YES! Our SMI team has been dreaming of implementing the best way to grow food on our property. We've had the tools in hand for a couple of years now, but it wasn't until Nelson Micek, our full-time Uganda missionary, and Brad Burklund, SMI volunteer, decided to take lead on this project and see it through. Now, we are beginning to see our food multiply. Read on and find out about our new outreach you've made possible.

Recently, the Show Mercy International Agriculture team had the opportunity to attend the Farming God’s Way Uganda National Training.

Farming God’s Way is a resource given to the wider body
of Christ, to equip the poor and break the yoke of poverty.
This resource is a well-balanced biblical, management and technological solution to bring people out of poverty using the tools God has placed in their hands.

Farmer Nelson

This three-day training consisted of two days of classroom/theory training and one day of practical training at a nearby farm. 

During the training, the attendees learned in more detail
of the Biblical Keys, Management Keys, and
the technology that makes up Farming God’s Way. 

Some of the practices in Farming God’s Way are: zero-till/no-till of soil, incorporating God’s Blanket (mulch) instead of burning or clearing, and practicing crop rotations. It is also important to do things on time, to high standards and with minimal waste.

The SMI Agriculture team first implemented the practices of Farming God’s Way during the first planting season of 2017 (Uganda, fortunately, gets two rainy seasons each year).The initial goal was to put some structure and goals into the working of the farmland that SMI has. Our team saw tremendous results and the food we grew was as though it multiplied from the year before.  After learning more about Farming God’s Way and implementing the practices, it became very clear that we couldn’t keep this knowledge to ourselves, but we needed to focus on getting the message out. 

In Africa, about 80% of people are subsistence farmers, meaning they have farms or gardens to provide for themselves and their families. Unfortunately, many years of poor land use practices have led most of these families to become unable to produce enough to meet their needs.

That means we can reach SO MANY PEOPLE!

With the message of Farming God’s Way,  together we will give the people in our area a real tool and practical knowledge which will loosen and break the yoke of poverty that has weighed them down for far too long. 
Bill, SMI Staff 
Jeremiah and Richard, SMI Staff
Brad Burklund

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Self respect is a very important part of a man?s life. If a man can put bread on the table for his family, it is an honourable thing! 
Right now the SMI Agriculture team is focusing on setting up the SMI farmland into a ministry area.
This ministry area will include:
  • a "Well Watered Garden" (a small demonstration garden) where members of the community can come and receive hands on training to learn the practical side of Farming God’s Way. 
  • a composting site which demonstrates how to develop a low cost fertilizer.
This demonstration garden will show the yield differences between Farming God’s Way and traditional farming practices. The SMI farmland will also includes field scale gardens and a variety of different vegetable gardens.

By the end of 2017, the SMI Agriculture team
hopes to host their very first “Field Day.” 

This Field Day will be a day where members of the surrounding communities will be invited to our farm and introduced to Farming God’s Way. 

The day will include:

  • Theory teaching
  • Practical, hands-on training in our Well Watered Garden
  • A tour of the comparison and field scale gardens. 
  • A demonstration of how to build a proper compost pile. 

The next step in this ministry will be to establish farmer groups in the surrounding communities. 

Farmer groups will consist of 5-10 farmers who can work together, and encourage each other throughout the seasons. These groups will have a community leader and will include follow-up by the SMI agriculture team.  The leaders and the SMI agriculture team will help with setting up gardens and sharing best practices. We will also encourage and pray with these farmers, helping them stay faithful in their ways.

We are excited for this new part of our ministry!

Are you interested in farming? Do you like to get your hands dirty? Join us in Uganda and help us pioneer this new outreach.

SMI is also looking for a team of people who would like to pledge a monthly gift. Your donation will enable us see this ministry reach thousands!

Because of your support and important partnerships, transformation is happening.

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