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Medical Mission Team 2017 UPDATE

4 Days, over 900 Patients!

Our medical mission team was able to treat over 900 patients in four days! Thank YOU for making this outreach possible and helping to care for so many people. Our short term team came alongside our long term staff with a heart to reach out in love and meet the practical needs of those in surrounding villages! Read the update from team member Jonathan.
Jonathan runs the medical clinic at the Show Mercy base.
Show Mercy Medical Mission Outreach
"It’s remarkable and should not be underestimated, it is something to esteem and be proud of, because I think we are doing what Jesus would physically and spiritually do. When you do this, it’s hard to leave there untransformed though physically exhausting, it is spiritually renewing.WE GET TO DO THIS, BANANGE (Lugandan for WOW)!"
Jonathan, Clinical Physician SMI Clinic

Here is what Jonathan wrote to us after the outreach:

I always wonder why we meet some people who should be managed in a hospital but have been staying at home with life threatening conditions without treatment. I have finally understood that no one in this world enjoys pain but circumstances do dictate the reason why we get overwhelming numbers of people coming to where SMI has camped for an outreach. The reason isn’t because they are ignorant or they are not feeling pain, it is because they can’t afford the medical care.

We saw cases ranging from:
  • deadly septic wounds that have not had any treatment in weeks
  • tumors some of them suspected to be cancerous but have never had a consultation anywhere
  • elderlies that succumb to stroke due to undetected hypertension
  • women with different gynecological and obstetrical conditions
  • people with unscreened life threatening infections
  • babies and children who come with high grade fevers, malaria and some having seizures , vomiting , dehydrated, iv lines are set up for rehydration, injections are given to the severe cases and some are referred for further intervention
The emotional hurt and pain that people carry is unexplainable and there is always time to love, care and pray for the many that are wounded. This is what Show Mercy does best by having a team who pray for the sick and get to preach to the gospel of Christ.
4 year old Peter was resuscitated back to life!

I managed to see a boy by the name of Peter, aged four years. He was brought by his auntie and the boy had been sick for a week. He had been kept at home because the auntie had no money to take him to the hospital. He had a high grade fevers and was very lethargic. The aunt heard that there was an opportunity to go to a medical outreach.Upon examination, he started convulsing and foaming at the mouth. He was having a seizure  We gave him medicine injections and had to resuscitate him. After testing him, we found that he had very severe malaria and we were able to treat him that day.

"I began thinking that even if it took SMI the 3days of outreach to save this little boy’s life who had stayed home complaining of fevers without treatment for a week ,I felt this is worth doing again and again."

Thank you for standing with us! With you on our side, we are able to continue to help provide amazing outreaches like this to people who can not afford help.

In 2018, we are planning to do two medical mission trips. One in February and one in July. They are so needed and help the community so much.





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