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You helped to EXCEED the goal.
32 children have been sponsored!

This got us thinking….

We have 8 days left in July.

If we receive 8 more sponsors, we will see

FORTY children sponsored in the month of July.

Will you join us to reach this new GOAL?

We KNOW ALL things are possible to those who believe…and WE BELIEVE!!!

for the support we’ve seen poured out
for the future of these children.

You should see the smiles on the children’s faces!

THANK YOU to all who have joined our family of sponsors! The kids are excited to write to you SOON!

Florence was struggling in school because her family could not consistently keep her in school. She felt her future was doomed, BUT YOU together with SMI have stepped in to remind her just who she is. She is a precious daughter of our KING. She has the opportunity to step into the amazing plans God has for her.

Our team inspired Florence not to give up and now she is attending vocational school. When we asked her what her hearts desire was, she said cosmetology. Now she is pursuing her dream. She still needs another sponsor to help her. Will you help support her through the completion of her education?

Jackson has been in our program since 2007. We’ve seen him flourish and grow into a great young man.

Imagine, we get to invest into the next generation. Instead of complaining about this world, together we are doing something to influence and make an impact on it.

???????Jackson is in his last year of secondary school. He has worked very hard to get where he is and dreams of attending university. He is driven and hard working. Will you support Jackson through the completion of his education?




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