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 Giving a Gift with Purpose!
If you’re drawing a blank on what to buy your father this Father’s Day, we’ve got some ideas to help inspire you.

What are you planning to give your dad this Father’s Day? Maybe you are considering giving a tie, a techy gadget, golf accessories, or maybe a new coffee cup. All of those items are fun gifts to give (well, maybe you wouldn’t say a tie was a “fun” gift). What if you could give your dad a gift that will show him just how inspiring and amazing he is…a gift with lasting significance.

You’ve heard about George, the pastor in Uganda who is battling for his life. (You can read about his battle here on our website). He is a father to 8 biological children and a spiritual dad to many other children in poverty. He is battling throat cancer. What if you gave a donation to help George fight his fight for life in honor of your dad? Not only would you be reminding George this Father’s Day that he is loved and not alone in his battle for life, but your dad will be inspired and his heart will be touched by your thoughtfulness.

The fathers in our lives deserve to be honored and appreciated for all they do. In Uganda, Show Mercy works alongside some amazing fathers. Many of the fathers who work in the impoverished area we serve in Uganda, struggle to meet the needs of their family. What father wouldn’t love to know he helped another family have access to medical care, food, clean water and an education. Sponsor a child in honor of your dad, and help to alleviate pressures some of these fathers feel as they try to provide for their families. You and your dad could send cards of encouragement and build a relationship with this family. Now that’s a gift that will truly make a lasting impact.

Of course you could also donate towards clean water, buy a chicken for a family, provide life saving medicine or give a food basket for struggling families. These gifts will show you’ve learned valuable life lessons from a caring dad, and they’ll make a difference in the life of a family in need.
By honoring your dad this way, you will remind him what an amazing job he did in raising a compassionate selfless daughter or son. Gifts likes these make people feel loved, valued and cared for. Spread some hope to others as you love your dad this Father’s Day.
Father’s Day Gift Ideas




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