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Pastor George is in need of our help…

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For many months, Pastor George has been struggling with an unknown illness…

If you’ve met Pastor George and his family, you know how special they are. Show Mercy has partnered with George for many years. He is the pastor of a local church in Kaliti Village, where we do many outreaches. Him and his wife, Margaret, have 9 children of their own. They have also taken in four additional children who were in need of care. Their life is a beautiful picture of sacrifice and dedication to God.

George has been struggling with pain in his throat for many months, but it had increased beginning in November. Once we heard about his situation, Show Mercy stepped in to help. Because of your support, George was able to the specialist needed to assess his situation. A scan revealed has a large tumor in his esophagus. He will have a biopsy done in the coming weeks to determine if the tumor is benign or cancerous. This will determine the course of treatment going forward.

As Show Mercy, we are dedicated to helping George and his family through this difficult time. Last week, we were able to enroll six of their children into a local boarding school. This will help to ease the workload for Margaret at home.

We are asking for you to partner with us in finances and in prayer.
Will you step in to help this family?


 If funds surpass George’s expenses (after all treatments/surgeries),

they will go to support the SMI Medical Clinic.




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